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“I wrote this piece May 4 2011 – Before My life changed drastically. My feelings, thoughts and energy are a reflection of who I was, who I am, and who I will be. Always take the time to look back and see your development in life. Give yourself credit! Your journey is that powerful!” – Joye Reflection I have had …

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Inspire to be Inspired ~ Final Thoughts of 2013!

My schedule has been FULL and positive this year. I am truly blessed to have conquered all my goals for 2013. I have set & met all my thoughts and visions and am preparing to keep going with all of my might for 2014! God is so very real and I vow to continue my mission. The inspiring community partners, …

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Kool Kicks Shoe Drive for the Homeless 2014

Kool Kicks shoe drive for the homeless is here again. The mental health, addiction and poverty issues that plague our city is quite potent. As you know, I am a passionate prison advocate and speak to women who have been or are presently in conflict with the law. When offenders are released, many are homeless and  in GREAT need. We …

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Accept yourself for who you are!

It’s time y’all! It’s time to accept yourself & love yourself for who you are! Flaws and all! Sometimes we beat up ourselves so much that we create a weight in our life that effects everything we do. Give yourself some credit, you made it this far! I don’t care what you have done, or what happened in your past. …

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Finding Purpose

What is your purpose? After a therapeutic 3 1/2 hour hike at Rattlesnake Point Conservation area with one of my community partners on Saturday and another hike at Blue Mountain on Thanksgiving Monday with my better half, I have an abundance of things to be thankful for. The theme for the Hike at Rattlesnake was “NIA” which means “PURPOSE”. The breathtaking …

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Fight for your LIFE!

I have been on an amazing journey since my time behind concrete walls. I learned that once you change your thoughts, your life will change. I have learned to replace all negative triggers and influences with positive ones. This did not happen over night, I FOUGHT for it. Guess who my biggest fight was with?! MYSELF! Fighting through many nights …

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